Indefensible Matt Kemp

Dodger Therapy


I just read Howard Cole’s spin on the Matt Kemp enigma. I think Howard, as always, makes some interesting points but I think it’s too convenient to blame dim witted Donnie for all of Kemp’s woes. Donnie is dumb as a post and not a good manager in most ways, but I don’t really see that he’s the cause for Kemp’s foibles. Besides, blaming Donnie for Kemp’s issues is ignoring the problem. Bottom line, whether he was “stronger” in 2011 or what, he isn’t a very good baseball player in 2014, and hasn’t been in some time.

I look at Kemp’s fall like this…

He was always very athletic and full of potential, but potential isn’t baseball ability. Darren Dreifort was full of potential too. Kemp would do something wonderful, because he was a gifted athlete, but his inexperience in baseball (he was a former basketball player learning baseball) and…

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