Matt Kemp: Missed Plays

Why the Kemp Trade is Good For The Dodgers

So I’m sitting here at home with a bad intermittent internet connection, listening to Phil Hendrie‘s daily podcast and wondering why anyone is surprised that the Dodger’s new front office has traded away Matt Kemp.  According to news services

The trade helps alleviate a logjam of outfielders in the organization. Andre Ethier and prospect Joc Pederson will vie for playing time, with Yasiel Puig holding the starting job in right field, and Carl Crawford in left. The Dodgers could also use role player Scott Van Slyke in the rotation.

The Dodgers’ new front office has been looking to move bulky long-term contracts and to improve the atmosphere in the clubhouse, which was described as “dysfunctional” by several team sources last season. The glut of outfielders became a source of tension at various times throughout the season.

First, lets list what Kemp brought to the Dodgers last year. He was out half of the season with injuries, came back to be moved from center field to left field and joined most of the six outfielders warming the bench for a period of time.  Kemp also brought discord to the dugout complaining through his “friend” he wasn’t happy in left field and expected to play every day.At 30, his record is showing he is not getting any better as a player, just the opposite. He no longer has the speed since he broke his ankle and his defense is nothing to write home about.

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One of Us (Zack Greinke and Mental Illness)

Growing up as a Dodger fan, I often forget that we discussed other players over the dinner table. Yet this was the case several years ago when my late mother talked about Royal’s pitcher Zack Greinke. You see, Greinke was “one of us.” What my mother meant was that he had spoken openly about his battle with Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression after it nearly ended his major league career.

Zack Greinke warms up before a 2011 Spring Training game at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.

Zack Greinke warms up before a 2011 Spring Training game at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.

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Indefensible Matt Kemp

Dodger Therapy


I just read Howard Cole’s spin on the Matt Kemp enigma. I think Howard, as always, makes some interesting points but I think it’s too convenient to blame dim witted Donnie for all of Kemp’s woes. Donnie is dumb as a post and not a good manager in most ways, but I don’t really see that he’s the cause for Kemp’s foibles. Besides, blaming Donnie for Kemp’s issues is ignoring the problem. Bottom line, whether he was “stronger” in 2011 or what, he isn’t a very good baseball player in 2014, and hasn’t been in some time.

I look at Kemp’s fall like this…

He was always very athletic and full of potential, but potential isn’t baseball ability. Darren Dreifort was full of potential too. Kemp would do something wonderful, because he was a gifted athlete, but his inexperience in baseball (he was a former basketball player learning baseball) and…

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Lost entries

I started this blog many years ago, long before the migration to WordPress. For some reason I can’t find those pre migration entries. If MLB decided not to keep them I completely understand. There were 3 entries, all the rest was unpublished research.

To give you an idea how old this entry was, a fundraiser in Thousand Oaks, CA was being held for the Boys and Girls Club. The men of the hour? The late Sparky Anderson and Tommy Lasorda.
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